If I Were A Student Using OneNote in 2016

While I may not be able to remember each and every day of my four years in high school in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I do have a very vivid memory to this day of how I found wonderful success in some classes, while also struggling mightily in others. Most of the rules of High School I figured out very early on and was subsequently able to use them to my academic advantage on most occasions. But recently, while reflecting on putting another school year as an Educator in the books, I tried to put myself in my students’ shoes to better understand their experiences, strengths, challenges and much more. What I came away with was a realization that I desperately wish I were a student in 2016 using OneNote….

CUE WAYNE’S WORLD DREAM SEQUENCE…doodely-do, doodely-do, doodely-do…..

If I were a student using OneNote in 2016, I would have absolutely everything I need all in one place. While I loved going to the store to buy carefully coordinated Trapper Keepers, binder dividers and much more, the energy, focus and effort to keep track of all those individual notebooks and folders throughout the school year was, at times, exhausting and often resulted in misplaced work…

If I were a student using OneNote in 2016, I would never get a zero in the gradebook because I forgot my homework at home or left it in my locker. The simple fact that I would have each worksheet, outline, & assignment in one location would be a complete game changer for me. No more, “Where did I put that worksheet,” or “I thought I put it in my backpack,” or any other half-brained thought would ever have to cross my mind again.

If I were a student using OneNote in 2016, I would get regular feedback in real time from my teachers within a matter of hours or even minutes, depending on the assignment. With all of my teachers using the OneNote Class Notebook add-in, they would be able to review my work as soon as I complete it without having to wait a day or more for me to turn it by hand in class. To take it a step further, once my teachers graded my work, I would be able to go back into my notebook and see their comments without having to wait for a week or more until papers are passed back to the entire class. Speeding up that process would greatly enhance my learning experience.

If I were a student using OneNote in 2016, I would easily be able to collaborate with my classmates on group projects in real time through the Collaboration Space. No longer would we have to email documents back and forth, no doubt forgetting at some point which document was the most recent thereby causing a traumatic interruption to the group’s workflow. I could do peer editing to their typed essays with digital ink and, in fact, several of my classmates could edit the same document using a different color of ink so our classmate would know who left which comments.

If I were a student using OneNote in 2016, I would be more connected from year to year when I needed to reference a note, assignment or idea from a previous class. Imagine being in Algebra 2 reviewing an equation, thinking to yourself, “I really liked how Mr. Jensen taught this last year. I need to go back and find his notes.” With OneNote, I would have those notes, videos, etc. in a matter of seconds.

If I were a student using OneNote in 2016, I would have the ability to write a more efficient essay by using the dictation tool rather than having to type everything in, pausing every three words to fix a typo. Using that speech-to-text  avenue, my spelling errors would be almost non-existent and grammatical slip-ups would be easily edited, should they happen to pop up.

If I were a student using OneNote in 2016,I would have improved reading comprehension with the Learning Tools Immersive Reader. Not only would I be reading the words on the page, but simultaneously hearing them pronounced correctly would add a level of retention and comprehension never before available to me.

If I were a student using OneNote in 2016, I would imagine having teachers who would be eager to share their opinions and feedback with me once or several times per week, rather than having to wait for weeks to take home a stack of 120 , seven-page essays to grade over the course of a week to 10 days. That just sounds terrible even typing it here. My teachers would definitely appreciate just making a comment or two at a time and being much more familiar with the final, more polished product when they went to give me a final grade.

If I were a student using OneNote in 2016, I would no longer be limited to the 8.5’ x 11” piece of binder paper, the even smaller pages of my English novel, or the Power Point slides my teacher printed four to a page. With the simple slide or pinch of my fingers, I could transform my blank canvas in OneNote from bulleted notes, to inked brainstorm, with lines and connections all over, in whatever format I chose.

If I were a student using OneNote 2016, I would absolutely, at the end of my four high school years, better understand my learning style and strengths having been able to adapt each of my assignments, lecture notes, handouts and more into whatever form I preferred.

If I were a student using OneNote in 2016, I would be a part of learning revolution where students would have the tool to meet all of our needs. The interaction with peers and teachers, the searchable, well-organize workspace,  and the consistency of user experience across all of my classes would give me the confidence I need to maximize my success in the classroom.

If I were a student using OneNote 2016, I would absolutey have it all! One Tool, One Solution…OneNote